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Mukesh Gurjar

What is loan insurance? Loan protection insurance, or loan payment protection insurance, is a form of payment protection insurance. This type of insurance can help you protect your monthly loan payments if you become unemployed or suffer an accident or sickness. Loan protection insurance will typically be used to protect a home loan, car loan or even sometimes personal loans. Under a loan insurance cover, the lumpsum amount reduces as the outstanding loan decreases as per the loan schedule. What are the benefits of loan insurance? Loan insurance means during tough times, you'll have an insurance cover to take care of the EMIs or of the outstanding loan amount. This is especially useful: In case of death or disability due to an accident or sickness; This effectively reduces the burden on your family in case of any unfortunate event that occurs with you. They would be saved from the financial trauma of paying off the loans. In cases of a joint loan application, a joint loan insurance plan can be taken which will effectively cover you and your partner. Both will have the reassurance that if either of you should be faced with redundancy, illness, have an accident or even die, your repayments will be made for you.